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Tour Overview



3-night Yangtze River cruise on the refurbished Yangzi Explorer through the Three Gorges


Private cruise along the Li River in Guilin, known for mist-shrouded limestone peaks


Insider experience in Beijing’s disappearing traditional neighborhoods, hutongs, featuring a visit with a local family; arrive by rickshaw


Private talk with a conservation expert at the Terra Cotta Warriors museum in Xi’an


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On-Tour Air included (5 flights)


Special visit to the Han Yang Ling Underground Museum


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Our China escorted tours has you traveling to Beijing... Shanghai... Hong Kong... and Immersing in over 3,000 thousands of years of history.

Experiences of a lifetime

Ancient relics, modern marvels, incredible moments... Every exquisite temple, every precious icon, every delicate pagoda in China rewards with the richness of a cultural legacy stretching across thousands of years and a vast, emerging land whose splendor staggers the imagination... and every new encounter with this ancient civilization – today the economic engine of the world – evokes a sense of wonder.

Mist-blanketed limestone peaks stand like sentinels along the Li River, greeting all who cruise its placid waters. Meandering across mountains and valleys, the Great Wall invites you to stroll atop stonework that transcends the centuries; climbing to the top of this wonder of the world is an unforgettable experience. Tranquility and a deep spirituality still have their place in this teeming land... find them among the pavilions of Shanghai’s Yu Gardens, before the altar of Beijing’s sublime Temple of Heaven, and in the otherworldly landscapes of the Three Gorges – also home to the greatest modern engineering project on Earth. Secrets of life at both ends of the spectrum are revealed within the inner sanctum of the Forbidden City, where mere mortals dared not go... and inside one of Beijing’s traditional hutongs, where the warmth of a family sharing a vanishing way of life in their private home stirs the soul.  Read Less

Three-night Yangtze River cruise

Days 8, 9 and 10

Cruise the Yangtze River's Three Gorges aboard Yangzi Explorer

Your three-night Yangtze River cruise aboard the recently refurbished Yangzi Explorer takes you through the Yangtze's scenic heart, the Three Gorges. These three adjacent gorges – Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge – have been celebrated for their natural beauty for centuries, as well as for the many cultural and historic sites found along the Gorges. And you'll get to enjoy all of it from the comfort of the your elegant ship.

The Terra Cotta Warriors

Day 5

A 2,000-year-old army of statues

While digging a well near Xi'an in 1974, a Chinese farmer stumbled upon what turned out to be the 3rd-Century BC burial site of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi... where archaeologists soon discovered an army of more than 8,000 life-sized terracotta statues of warriors – each with distinctive physical features – that have been guarding their Emperor for over 2,000 years! And with Tauck, you'll get an insider's view of the Terra Cotta Warriors from a leading museum staffer.

When my husband and I returned from our China trip with Tauck, to say that it was the trip of a lifetime would be an understatement.

Penny & Jim Starin


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Small Group Departures

Our small group departures, averaging just 24 guests, are designed for travelers who want more time to experience each destination up close and personally. One of the benefits of small group travel is the personalized service and attention you’ll enjoy. Small groups enable our Tauck Directors to spend more time in the places you explore with more opportunities to connect with them. Smaller groups foster camaraderie and lasting friendships among like-minded travelers; you'll engage more closely with local experts and enjoy enhanced insider access, ease of travel and freedom to linger longer.

Solo Traveler Savings

Traveling solo doesn't mean traveling alone – with Tauck, it means camaraderie on a journey with like-minded travelers who share similar interests, enjoying the spirit of travel that makes exploring the world a necessary part of life – and sharing the special travel experiences found on Tauck’s guided land trips and cruises that create lifetime memories. For 90+ years, solo travelers have found a special "travel" home with Tauck in destinations the world over – and we’re offering solo travelers an additional reason to travel with Tauck – special Solo Traveler Savings on select departures.

Book Your Air

Traveling with Tauck ensures more than a memorable travel experience; it also enables you to take advantage of additional do-it-for-you travel services that take the hassle out of arranging them yourself. As an added service, we can make flight arrangements for your journey, if your travels originate in Canada or the United States, offering you a number of welcome advantages. With Tauck, you can reserve your flights now and pay later when tickets are issued; benefit from Tauck’s lenient change and refund policies; earn Frequent Flyer mileage on most airlines; and more.

What you need to know

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Travel Documents, Booking and Deposits, and more

No matter where your destination may be, you should bring identification with you; a valid passport is always an appropriate form of identification. Contact your booking agent for information about all necessary documents required for your journey, such as passport and visa information or documentation required for transportation security measures.

Important Information

Health and Activity

You'll find Activity and Pace Levels on all of our trips to give you a better idea of physical activity level – higher numbers mean a more active journey. To fully enjoy most journeys, you should be in good health and able to walk reasonable distances; some of the most memorable sightseeing can only be accomplished on foot and may include unpaved and uneven surfaces. Please consult your physician for pre-departure health advice.

Protect Your Travel Investment

Guest Protection Product

Your vacation is an important investment – and to help you protect it, Tauck's Guest Protection Product provides you with important benefits before your trip and while you are traveling, including 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance services; you'll also find deposit details and information should you have to cancel. Truly peace of mind travel at its best!

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A wide ranging trip covering the very ancient to the very modern, rural landscapes to ultra-modern cities.

Most Memorable Moment:

Walking the Great Wall.

This trip was fantastic. The weather was great no smog at all, the tour guide was the best I ever had. (This is my 8th Tauck trip) and fellow travelers all got along in great harmony. There is a lot of walking and climbing but no pressure to rush. I did throw away a pair of shoes there as I wore them out. So glad I made this trip.

Most Memorable Moment:

Too many to pick just one. From the Great Wall to the Terra Cotta Warriors to the events on the Yangtze River, to Panda Bears, shopping and the many sights I encountered. Mainland China is clean and the people friendly. Hong Kong hotel memorable. Food was delicious everywhere. Our Tauck Director made this trip fantastic from start to finish! Thank you all!

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