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Antarctica and the Arctic

Polar bears, penguins, and puffins are just a few of the wildlife viewing possibilities you may encounter as you travel expedition style on our Antarctica cruises to the "seventh continent"… to the frozen tundra region of Churchill, Manitoba… and to the surreal lunar landscapes of Iceland.

Arctic and Antarctica
Spitsbergen, Norway

Welcome to Antarctica & the Arctic

The ends of the earth... from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Earth's polar regions entice the explorer in all of us. Your travel experiences are incomparable to those found in any other destination, in part due to the uniqueness of the living creatures and unique landscapes found in these regions: witness "a day in the life of the polar bear," firsthand, in the Arctic wilds of Manitoba... or imagine yourself within the archipelago of the magnificent White Continent, where the mystical allure of the ever-present ice rules dawn to dusk...or to the volcanic land of fire and ice with its strong Viking influences. These true-bucket list destinations will remain forever in your memories... always beckoning you to return.

Polar bears & more in Earth's icy regions

A wealth of wildlife above the Arctic Circle... and in Antarctica's frozen world...

Whether in the Arctic regions not far from the North Pole, or on the frozen Antarctic Archipelago, the icy polar regions of the Earth host a remarkable array of wildlife. To we humans, their natural habitat may seem remote and forbidding; but to these remarkable species, the polar regions are home. On the tundra above the Arctic Circle roam magnificent polar bears, arctic foxes, arctic moose and reindeer; in the frigid Arctic waters you'll find walruses, bearded and fur seals, and whales of all types from humpbacks to blues... and above, birdlife including Arctic terns, puffins, red-throated divers and pink-footed geese. Near the Earth's opposite pole, the Antarctic world is populated by many varieties of penguin – chinstrap, Adélie, gentoo, macaroni, king and, of course, Emperor. And these ever-entertaining flightless birds are joined by elephant and fur seals, giant and storm petrels, Antarctic terns, humpback whales and more.

Exploring Antarctica's Archipelago

A magical place whose mystical allure fascinates and forever beckons to return...

The magnificent great white continent of Antarctica, the most remote place on Earth, astounds with glacial landscapes and Arctic wildlife that defy description… and you enjoy a rare opportunity to view them up-close with on-board experts who have spent a lifetime studying these natural wonders in extraordinary detail. Due to changing weather and shifting glacial patterns of this remote region, your day-by-day itinerary will vary and may include Zodiac excursions to Antarctic Peninsula islands. Penguins, seals, whales and myriad species of seabirds are often seen on land and at sea; our on-board naturalists can help you identify them during your cruise.

To the polar regions aboard Le Boréal

Expeditions north or south aboard Le Boréal with Tauck

One of Ponant's four 6-deck sister ships offering a superb small ship experience whether on a polar expedition or cruising the Mediterranean, Baltic, Atlantic or Pacific, Le Boréal is ideally suited for visiting ports bigger ships can't reach. Boasting inviting staterooms and suites with a sophisticated French touch and ocean views – and elegant public spaces creating the feel of an upscale hotel – Le Boréal provides a truly intimate cruise experience for Tauck guests sailing northward above the Arctic Circle aboard "Arctic Allure: Spitsbergen and the Midnight Sun," or south to the seventh continent aboard "Antarctica."


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