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Tauck's Rhine River cruises follow this romantic river on its winding journey through medieval towns, cathedrals, castles, and museums, with enchanting river landscapes along the way.

Rhine River Cruising
Rüdesheim, Germany

Welcome to the Rhine River

Flowing through six countries, the Rhine River cuts deeply through mountains, meandering between hillside castles and age-old winelands. This is Germany's landscape at its most dramatic, with spectacular views of forested hillsides alternating with craggy cliffs... idyllic villages appearing around each bend... and half-timbered houses and Gothic churches that appear as if plucked from a fairy tale world.

Heidelberg, Germany

History's all around you in Heidelberg

In Heidelberg – Germany's oldest university town – narrow cobblestoned lanes, shops and pubs housed in 17th-century structures in the Altstadt are kept lively by the cadence of 21st-century student life. On the hillside above the city, visit the romantic ruins of Heidelberg Castle, celebrated in writing by many, including the German poet Goethe and American writer Mark Twain, who both spent time here. Twain wrote about the striking red sandstone ruins of Schloss Heidelberg in "A Tramp Abroad"; they were a magnificent residence for Bavarian royalty from the 13th to 18th centuries. The castle is an imposing ensemble of buildings, from different architectural periods, surrounding a central courtyard; from its terrace and gardens, the sweeping views impress along with the feel of more than 600 years of history.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Canals and more in amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is often called the "Venice of the North" because of its elaborate network of canals winding through a romantic historic center of cobbled streets and Dutch Renaissance architecture. A canal boat cruise reveals The Netherlands's historic capital from the inside (often with a slice of Dutch apple pie), as you glide along 17th-century waterways lined with trees, gabled merchant houses and vibrant urban life. During your visit to Amsterdam, Tauck also includes a tour of the Rijksmuseum, one of the world's most respected art museums, home to masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age including Rembrandt's "Night Watch."

Köln, Germany

Exploring Köln (Cologne) on the River Rhine

One of Germany's oldest cities (founded in the 1st century AD), Köln (Cologne) was once a Roman provincial capital, and later a wealthy medieval trading port; the city was almost totally destroyed during World War II, but many of its architectural treasures have been restored – including the towering Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), a twin-spired masterpiece of High Gothic architecture that is the centerpiece of the city. With Tauck, you'll visit this imposing cathedral, along with the nearby Roman Germanic Museum, housing extraordinary exhibits of archaelogical finds from the Köln region.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Enjoy cocktails at the "Top of Europe" with an exclusive Tauck reception at the Jungfraujoch's Ice Palace

As your mountain railway train ascends into the majestic Swiss Alps, you'll arrive at Kleine Scheidegg at the foot of the Eiger, then board a cogwheel train for the scenic climb to Europe's highest railway station, at the Jungfraujoch (perched at 11,333 feet above sea level). Here, at "the top of Europe," you'll find a restaurant, observatory, research station, a gallery of ice sculpture, and breathtaking views of the glacier-clad Bernese Alps, often called Switzerland's "jewel in the crown." And you'll enjoy a Tauck Exclusive... a private cocktail reception at the Ice Palace… taking time. of course, to savor the astounding views of the lofty peaks of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch surrounding you!

The Rhinegau wine country

An exclusive evening at a Rheingau wine estate overlooking the Rhine

The Rheingau ("Rhine district") is one of Germany's most important wine regions, where viticulture dates back to the time of Charlemagne (if not the Romans), and where many significant winemaking innovations have been developed over the years. As you cruise through the Rhine Valley and visit the region, you'll enjoy a Tauck Exclusive evening – featuring a special reception, dinner and entertainment – at a historic Rheingau wine estate perched in the mountains overlooking the Rhine, and surrounded by vineyards that have been producing local wines for centuries.


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