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Personal, thoughtful service is the hallmark of our Tauck Directors and local guides – together, they provide a deeper, authentic travel experience.

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Machu Picchu, Peru

I truly believe that this trip was so incredible because of our Tauck Director; her ability to connect with every person in our group and recognize where individualized accommodations were needed go above any expectation that I had... it's the little things that don't go unnoticed.

Darin Johnson

Classic Italy, Small Groups

Our Tauck Directors are...

The difference between a trip – and a trip of a lifetime. Your Tauck Director makes every moment of your vacation count so you truly connect with the destinations you explore and the local people you meet each day. They hail from 40 countries, speak 42 languages collectively, and are renowned as the world's best travel companions – no one knows your journey, and the destinations you'll visit, better than our Tauck Directors.

Your planning pro, your helping hand, your knowledgeable guide and on-the-road expert. Attention to details – and detail-oriented – they look after every aspect of your trip so you fully experience every memorable moment, seamlessly handling and coordinating all of the logistics involved with each day's itinerary including hotel check-in /check out, luggage transfers, and more.

Showing you the world in a way you can't get if traveling on your own. Your Tauck Director, along with our local guides and experts, share their personal insights, creativity, perspectives, and love of the places you'll explore, enriching your journey from start to finish. They put the focus on knowledge. They're passionate, intelligent, artistic and talented, infusing your passion to learn – and see the world through their eyes.

The "World's Best Traveling Companions" on our Tauck Bridges family adventures. Family travel specialists, they're recruited specifically for our Tauck Bridges family adventures because of their genuine skill, caring approach and enjoyment in working with kids. They make sure every detail of your trip goes smoothly – creating family bonds and memories that will be cherished forever.

True leaders providing you with a deeper, truly authentic and more personal travel experience.

And... they're fun to travel with!